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 Archiving     Ürün Kodu:
We have 2 products for your document and flow management needs: ShahDocs and ShahFlow.

ShahDocs (Document Manager): To  be  productive  with  your  documents,  the  last thing  you  need  is  being  unable  to  find  them where  they  should  be.  The  tool  that  gives  you back  the  time  that  you  should  be  working  on your documents is ShahDocs!

ShahDocs  offers  a  wide  array  of  options  along with  your  base  solution.  To  finally  satisfy  all your needs  such  as  high-volume   document capture,     document-based workflow and connectivity  to  different  data  sources  through  a unified  software interface, ShahDocs will  be your total solution.

ShahFlow (Workflow Manager): After all is said and done, "business" boils down to   a   handful   of   fundamental   aims:   being pro duc t iv e,     be in g     c omp e ti ti ve  be ing remunerative  -  in   short,  "making  it   work". ShahFlow     is   the   versatile   and integrated   workflow   solution   that   has  been developed with consideration for these essential needs   shared   by   small   businesses,   large corporations  and  public  institutions.   Both  for workflows  that  proceed  according  to  predefined rules   and   for   ad-hoc    workflows   that   are designed  on-the-spot,  the  only  down-to-earth solution is ShahFlow.