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 Test Equipments     Ürün Kodu:
TRI PCB Test Equipments, Automated Optical Inspection Equipments (AOI), Solder Paste Inspection Equipments (SPI), IC Test Equipments, X-Ray Inspection Equipments
6TL Engineering External Test Systems, In-line - Off line - Test Systems
   Everett Charles General Purpose Test Probes, Bare PCB Test Probes, Loaded PCB Test Probes, Semiconductor Test Probes, Battery/Portable Application Probes, High Current/High Frequency Test Probes, Test System Interface Probes
   Yxlon Microfocus Tube Technology, Applications
   Glenbrook X-Ray Inspection Equipments
   Optilia Optical Inspection and Microscope Systems
   Vision Optical Inspection and Microscope Systems
  Malcom and Imada Process Control and Test Equipments

And other products:
  • Surface Insulation Resistance Test Equipments,
  • Ionic Contamination Test Equipments,
  • Solderability Test Equipments,
  • Sieve Cleaning Equipments
  • Data Loggers, Data Logger Option and Accessories
  • Axial Component Forming Systems, Radial Component Forming Systems,
  • Cutters,
  • Component Counting Systems