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 Water Treatment Systems     Ürün Kodu:

SEHZADEOGLU is executing “Potable water & Waste Water & Process Make Up Water Treatment Plant Construction Projects:

FUJISAN is constructing potable water treatment plants for municipalities and domestic waste water treatment plants for City and Province municipalities on turn – key basis.

SEHZADEOGLU is also constructing “process water make – up plants” on turn – key basis, such as; Ultrafiltration + Reverse Osmosis Plants, Resin Type Ion Exchanger Units, EDI Units, etc..

Here is the overall of kind of water treatment plants;

1 . Biological Waste Water Treatment Plants,
2 . Chemical Waste Water Treatment Plants,
3 . Anaerobic Waste Water Treatment Plants,
4 . Demineralization Plants for Power Plants,
5 . Brackish Water RO Units and Desalination Plants,
6 . Acid / Chemical Recovery Units

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Fresh and Potable Water Treatment Plants
  • Industrial Water Treatment Plants
  • Marine Wastewater Discharge Channels
  • Water Supply and Irrigation Systems